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YQ Club Membership Guide

A Guide to assist Clubs in understanding the Affilliation and Capitation system and how to get the most of membership offerings.



5 Tips to Grow Club Membership

Does your Club have an aging population of members or looking to strengthen the club's membership database? Why not read Ben's '5 Tips to Grow Club Membership' to see some suggestions from the industry experts. 


5 Tips Sailing Committees should be Considering

Does your committee need to reprioritise it's focus? Check out our industry professional’s tips for your club committee to consider incorporating into your next board meeting.   


5 Tips for Attracting More School Aged Participants

With the new Government initiative 'Sporting Schools' it is time to focus on attracting non sailing families into a participating pathway. Read Yachting Queensland 5 top tips which have been successfully implemented into other Queensland Clubs. 


5 Tips for More Efficient Club Committees

These 5 tips will remind you and your committee of the best practice techniques. To follow these along with your personalised touch will make for a productive and successful committee. 


5 Tips for Encouraging Members to become Volunteers

Ever wondered what your club could do differently to encourage members to become volunteers? These tips were especially collaborated for you by some our sporting experts at QSport. 



101 Non-Competitive Racing & Club Based Activities


Sailing - Not Just Racing

101 Ideas that are not competitive racing. 

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