2014 Clubs Conference

July 12 - 13 was the weekend of the 2014 Yachting Queensland Clubs Conference. Delegates from sailing clubs all over Queensland were invited to attend to view presentation and discuss topics related to Queensland sailing.

It was an extremely successful weekend where over 50 sailing representatives listened to presentations that provided valuable information and a great deal fo food for thought.

If you were unfortunate enough not to attend, not to worry. Yachting Queensland has provided copies of the slides from the Club Conference presentation. With a click of a button you can see what was discussed.


Yachting Queensland provided a run-down of Discover Sailing and 'Tackers', some of the entry programs available for sailing. The information provides current progress, strategies and future development.

Th funding section of this presentation included a brief explanation of a number of funding opportunities available for clubs and sporting bodies. It explains the reason these funding opportunities exist, eligability and how to get involved.

This presentation also included a section on communication and its importance in regards to the relationship between Yachting Queensland and the Queensland sailing community. 

Click here to view - DS & Tackers, Funding and Communications


Glen Stanaway from Yachting Australia provided an in-depth presentation on safety and risk management. This presentation covered issues like safety responsibility, safety practices and being prepared for all inherent risks that come with sailing. 

Click here to view - Safety & Risk Management


Volunteering QLD gave a presentation that helped outline the importance and value of volunteers at every level.

Click here to view - Volunteer Coordination


Nautilus Marine provided information that explained their function and its insurance programs with Yachting Australian and the state bodies, which in turn affect sailing clubs.

Click here to view - Nautilus Marine Insurance


MSQ Brisbane explained the importance of safety and following regulation on the water to help clubs ensure they practice safe and law-abiding behaviour which is a benefit to everyone.

Click here to view - Sailing Safety


The Australian Sports Commission offered a detailed outline of their work in trying to get as many people as possible involved with sport to combat obesity and other health issues.

Click here to view - Australian Sport Commssion 


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