Discover Sailing


The Discover Sailing Program was launched in response to findings and recommendations from the Gemba Research Report.

The aim of Discover Sailing is to attract people to the sport of sailing through the provision of compelling programs and welcoming clubs.

The program aims to market sailing as fun, affordable, safe and suitable for everyone, as well as portraying clubs as welcoming, social places.

The website is for people who are new to sailing and want to find out how they can; experience sailing, take a course, become a crew member and discover a whole range of other sailing information such as what you need for your first time sailing and how boating weather can effect sailing conditions.

Definition of the Program

The Discover Sailing Program is an Australia wide initiative that engages Yachting Australia, the State Associations and Clubs in the common objective of increasing participation in safe sailing at member clubs. It is primarily an attraction strategy and includes all services provided by Yachting Australia for Australians who are not yet sailing at clubs.

The Program

Discover Sailing Days -  available at Clubs and incorporating an Australia wide Discover Sailing Day. Invites people to visit a club and find out more about sailing and the benefits of clubs.

Discover Sailing Experience – offers a three hour sailing experience with friends and family, without the technical aspects of a course.

Discover Sailing Courses - available in both dinghies and keelboats, progressing from introductory level to learning how to race. You can also find courses on windsurfing and powerboat sailing.

Crewing for Someone - matching aspiring crew with boat owners. 

Discover Sailing also includes:

Tackers  –  a sailing program for children aged 7-12.

Sailability – a program that includes people of all abilities.




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