About Yachting Queensland


Yachting Queensland is the peak body for all forms of sailing in Queensland.  It is a diverse organisation with key responsibilities that facilitate the management and development of "Sailing" in Queensland.  The existence of Yachting Queensland is pivotal to the health and development of the Sailing as a sport and recreational activity in Queensland.

The Promotion of Yachting

Yachting Queensland facilitates the promotion of sailing within Queensland including building awareness through media exposure, government liaison and community projects.

The Management of Training

Yachting Queensland provides development and management of training packages for small boat sailing to yacht sailing. Yachting Queensland assist Yachting Australia to delivery certified training in sailing through the accredited Discover Sailing Centres.  In addition it is responsible for an additional 70 Recreational Marine Driver Licence Training Establishments state-wide.  Yachting Queensland strives to facilitate a state training structure of international quality consisting of a full range of courses for the Queensland sailing community, from the beginner to the international career minded individual. 

Governance of the Sport

Yachting Queensland strives to establish the highest possible standard of corporate governance for the sport of Yachting in Queensland.  This is an essential basis for government support and development opportunities with state, national and international sailing authorities.  Furthermore, it enables Yachting Queensland to provide the strongest possible support for it’s stakeholders, Queensland yacht clubs. 

Yachting Queensland’s responsibility extends to the development and maintenance of racing rules, transport regulations and the measurement and registration of boats and racing handicaps.
The Servicing of Yacht Clubs

Yachting Queensland provides direct support to clubs; in club organisation, administration, marketing and sailing activities.  We are here to facilitate the success of each yacht club in Queensland.

Providing For the Future

Yachting Queensland will continue the implementation of a business platform that will enable a new level of support and development on a local and state level in the future.

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