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   If you have ever wanted to gain information on 'How to' do something, then chances are it is here. Yachting Queensland have developed some 'How To' documents covering a range of subjects, which you can save and/or print for future reference.





How to develop meaningful and effective media relationships that will benefit my club/organisation?

Click on the picture to find out some effective media relationship tools to benefit your club.

This information is also available in the Club Media kit


How to write a marketing plan for my club/organisation?

Marketing is very important for an organisation. Without the use of media, marketing, communications and advertising, word will struggle to reach the outside world and your organisation will face the threat of fading into obscurity. To improve your organisation or just alert the world of your existence, you need a plan.


How to develop media relations materials?


Click on the picture for more information.

This information is also available in the Club Media kit 


How to engage on social media?

Head of Sports at Facebook, Jerry Newman, presented at World Sailing's Commercial Strategy for the Sport Forum in Barcelona, Spain to speak about building engagement on the platform.

Click here to view presentation



How to enter an event on the homepage calendar of my Fox Sports Pulse website?

Click on the picture to find out how to entre an event on the homepage calendar.



How to register my club to become a Discover Sailing Centre?


Click on the picture to load the step by step process on how to do just this!

How to complete the online Discover Sailing Centre Application/Renewal Process?



How to register a club with Yachting Queensland?

Use these step by step instructions to guide you throught the process of being affiliated with Yachting Queensland - the peak sporting body for all forms of sailing in Queensland.


Australian Sports Foundation

The ASF offers advice, support and resources to help fundraise for  projects. Click the link below for the How To video or the link to the website.

How To Videos

Australian Sports Foundation





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